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Prince George's Community College, Queen Anne Academic Center, Largo, MD

Prince George’s Community College (PGCC) is committed to providing its more than 44,000 students with high quality and affordable education, cutting-edge workforce and development training, and the opportunity to achieve their dreams and aspirations. When it came to supporting the growth of their Communication, Theatre, Art, Music, and Philosophy Departments, the school found itself facing difficulties due to its lack of appropriate space. To remedy the problem, PGCC embarked on a 33,460 SF renovation and 136,500 SF addition project to improve and expand its Queen Anne Academic Center.

We were retained by Pfeiffer Partners, the project architect, to provide program validation, benchmarking, and value engineering services for the new center – which will include offices, classrooms, an 800-seat theater, 250-seat proscenium theater, 200-seat black box studio, a 125-seat recital hall, rehearsal space, dance studios, and an art gallery. Our initial program validation and benchmarking exercises determined that PGCC’s desired program exceeded the funding available. Our cost estimates incorporate not only design and construction, but also issues associated with complex renovations, including infrastructure and code problems, mold, asbestos, temperature and humidity controls, and outdated technology. This information led to PGCC increasing its funding while decreasing program requirements early in the schematic design phase.

As design progresses, we continue to work alongside the design team to validate program and budget, and propose value engineering options at every phase. Upon completion, this striking campus addition will help accommodate future growth for some of the institution’s most popular programs, and affirm PGCC’s place as a trailblazer in providing quality, affordable, and accessible undergraduate education in Prince George’s county.

Photo Credit: Pfeiffer Partners Architects

Photo Credit: Pfeiffer Partners Architects


Prince George's Community College, Queen Anne Academic Center


Largo, MD


169,960 SF


Cost Management




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