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NFL Media Headquarters

Inglewood, CA

The new NFL Media headquarters is situated in a 20-acre parkland known as The District at Hollywood Park and the future NFL home of the Los Angeles Chargers and Rams. The 280,000 SF headquarters will house hundreds of employees spanning their cable network, radio channel, and web and mobile applications services, along with their live broadcast studios. In addition to office and studio spaces, the facility will also feature the NFL Media’s first live-audience studio, along with an outdoor studio, a full commissary, a screening room, and an outdoor amenity deck.

Engaged by NFL Media, MGAC is providing project and cost management services including coordinating the base building construction by Wilson Meany, in parallel with overseeing the design and construction of the new headquarters space. This includes all studios and mission critical infrastructure necessary. In addition to the design and construction activities, MGAC is managing all technology, audio-visual, and scenic work necessary to deliver the complete studio package. MGAC is overseeing these various work streams and has integrated them into the master project budget and schedule for the entire delivery.


20 Acres;
280,000 SF



Credit: Gensler
Credit: Gensler
Credit: Gensler


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