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National Property Board of Sweden, House of Sweden

Washington, DC

As the nation’s capital, Washington, DC boasts an abundance of foreign embassies – each a unique display of patriotism represented by both the form and function of its physical structure. The Kingdom of Sweden set out to build a contemporary example of Scandinavian architecture for their new embassy, located along the Potomac River in the heart of Washington, DC. But as the embassy approached completion, the team, located in Sweden, identified a need for local expertise to assist with close-out and the resolution of critical issues.

We served as an on-the-ground extension of the National Property Board of Sweden, providing due diligence studies on the base building project and managing the resolution of lingering financial disputes, water penetration issues, and improperly built details. Additionally, we coordinated the analysis and complete replacement of the first-floor water features, which were deficient following initial construction. The award-winning building is currently celebrating its tenth year in the District, and shows no trace of these complications – instead proudly representing the Swedish values of openness, transparency, and democracy that inspired its design. For us, this anniversary also marks 15 years of providing on-going, on the ground support for this exciting client.


80,000 SF


2007 Kasper Saline Prize


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