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Memorial University of Newfoundland

St. Johns, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

The Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN) campus is at an exciting turning point in its 91-year history. Many of its buildings understandably began showing their age, and the lack of modern facilities had begun to impact the school’s ability to compete for top-tier faculty and students – but not for long. Thanks to significant funding from the provincial government, MUN is investing in the design and development of a new $250 million state-of-the-art research, teaching, and laboratory building to house both the Faculty of Science and Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences on their St. Johns campus. We’re honored to be a part of that process, providing management services from the get-go for the very high-profile project.

On an average day during the renovation efforts, the 480,000 SF Core Science Facility (CSF) has seen well over 200 tradespeople on site and exists as one of the largest capital projects ever completed in Newfoundland. With its large scope and unique climate challenges, the project is testing the limits of the local industry under the watchful eye of the general public - even, at one point, inviting a visit from the Prime Minister. The attention makes our role that much more critical – from overseeing, managing, and coordinating the numerous contractors, to facilitating the permit and approvals process, and ensuring the project stays on budget and on schedule.

When it comes to creating a space that communicates the goals of the University, no task to carry that out has been deemed too large - most literally demonstrated by the challenge of suspending the skeleton of a rare blue whale in the atrium of the facility. With research and teaching laboratories, offices, meeting and public spaces, and 125,000 SF of shelled space within its striking iceberg-inspired design, the CSF is on track to set a new standard of excellence for facilities on campus and establish Memorial University of Newfoundland as a leader in the global science and engineering community.


480,000 SF


LEED Silver Registered

Credit: HOK
Credit: HOK
Credit: HOK


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