Luxury Living Projects

Confidential Locations

Your oasis. Your hideaway. Your private residence. When it comes to luxury living, we understand that your project is incredibly personal. From material selection and budgets to privacy and politics, we will take every effort to ensure that your residence perfectly represents you and protects your interests. The MGAC team has worked with countless luxury living clients to create estates, secure family getaways, and exceptional environments worldwide—precisely as they envisioned. We once helped a Fortune 500 family set up a foundation office that included a personal library for the foundation’s President. We have procured significant and high-profile works of art with discretion. We have moved highways, built free-standing stone-carved staircases, and laid cabling on the ocean floor. We have overseen complex builds with significant construction needs, and we have stepped in to renovate family residences seamlessly—without interruption to the home. We bring decades of complex project management experience to every luxury living project with the personal touch required to exceed our clients' evolving and unique needs.


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