Los Angeles Union Station Master Plan, Los Angeles, CA

Originally built in 1939, downtown Los Angeles’ iconic Union Station is one of 500 local buildings and districts included in the National Register of Historic Places. And though parts of the building have been vacant in recent years, it continues to serve as the region’s primary transit hub. In 2011, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) purchased the historic property, and shortly thereafter began the preparation of a new Union Station Master Plan aimed at giving new life to the local landmark and its surrounding community. Developed with three goals in mind – transit optimization, destination, and connectivity – the new plan seeks to accommodate future growth and influence change in Los Angeles and southern California by transforming Union Station into a world-class transportation facility.

We joined the team of over 20 subconsultants of various expertise to provide cost planning services for the 38-acre plan – which proposes replacing a surface parking lot with a new civic plaza, relocating the bus terminal, creating an open-air concourse, attracting local retail and entertainment options, and making way for high-speed rail. The Investment Plan for implementing the complete master plan is estimated to be $1.71 billion, including $0.14 billion for shared public/private costs. Per our recommendations, these costs will be phased over multiple years as sources of funding are identified. When fully realized, the transformation of Union Station will create an entirely new, better-connected, and more active urban district – and create a new world-class transit hub for Los Angeles, the state of California, and the entire west coast.


Los Angeles Union Station Master Plan


Los Angeles, CA


Cost Management


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