King Boston, The Embrace

Boston, MA

MGAC is providing project management services for the planning and installation of Hank Willis Thomas’ sculpture, The Embrace. We are working closely with King Boston on planning for the landscape and art installation in Boston Commons, dating back to 1634 and is the oldest city park in the United States. The 25-foot wide, 65,000 lb. bronze sculpture will memorialize both Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott King, emphasizing the importance of collective action. Concentric rings of seating around the sculpture enable an intimate viewing experience for both large and small groups. The artwork will be supported by a stainless-steel internal armature and is setting a new typology of public monuments.

In representing the artist for this commission, MGAC is involved with negotiating agreements, selecting art fabricator, coordinating multi-tiered approvals, and planning for the installation with the general contractor that will be responsible for the landscape and other construction.


40,000 SF Plaza



Credit: MASS Design Group
Credit: MASS Design Group
Credit: MASS Design Group


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