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International Financial Organization, Primary Data Center


In 2008, this international financial client, now one of the world's largest banks, made a commitment to go carbon neutral. To get there, the company made big changes to how they supply and use energy, and how they manage the 1,301 locations spread across the U.S., Canada, and the UK. Part of these investments included the development of a new sustainable data center, but 14 months after the project’s original award, this critical project had fallen two years behind schedule and was already $42 million over budget.

The client approached us to help get the project back on track, and we began immediately – organizing the existing project team of design consultants and service providers to remedy schedule, design, and budget creep. We introduced a commissioning agent as a direct representative for the client’s facility operations team and developed alternative delivery strategies that reduced the schedule by six months.

At the time of construction, the local market lacked service providers with data center experience. To overcome this challenge, we developed a deliverables strategy that specifically detailed the planning of procurement and sourcing activities, load growth modeling and planning, and operational design reviews. In the end, we delivered the full building, including Day 2 white space, under budget and on schedule. The 185,000 SF data center achieved LEED Platinum status and helped our client become the first North American-based bank to achieve carbon neutrality – making sure their business remains as green as their logo.


185,000 SF Building;
30,000 SF Raised Floor, Initial;
48,000 SF Raised floor, Ultimate
40 acres Site;
4.8 MW


LEED Platinum


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