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Holocaust Memorial Museum, Cafe Renovation

Washington, DC

MGAC provided owner’s representation and project management to Guest Services, Inc. (GSI) for the renovation of the Holocaust Memorial Museum’s second-story cafe. MGAC assisted GSI and the Museum in establishing and managing the project budget and schedule; soliciting, selecting, and managing the design and construction teams; reviewing documents; procuring furniture and kitchen equipment; and leading in the permitting, approvals, and inspection processes.

The project involved the renovation of dining and commercial kitchen space to optimize the cafe’s efficiency, improve customer flow, and increase sales potential. The existing cafeteria-style layout was replaced with multiple food stations to reduce wait times and improve circulation. Cashier stations were reconfigured to further improve customer flow and shorten lines, and restrooms were upgraded to meet current ADA standards. HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and utilities systems were also lightly upgraded. The completed 112-seat cafe features a modern yet respectful design that provides space for both quiet reflection and social interaction.


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