Fortune 500 Financial Institution, Digital Design Labs

San Francisco, CA

MGAC successfully delivered a new design studio for a division of one of the nation’s ten largest banks. Our scope of services included budget conception, selection of all key subcontractors, budget and schedule management, vendor and IT coordination, legal sourcing, procurement, and closeout.

Designed by renowned architect O+A, the studio features highly innovative workspace for a dedicated team to collaborate with Bay Area venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and academics. The new space realizes the client’s vision for a cutting-edge, collaborative, and open environment that allows for video conferencing, breakout and brainstorming sessions, and mobile furniture.

MGAC expertly delivered the project 5 weeks ahead of schedule, within 92% of the client’s budget, and kept change orders under 6%. Due to the success of this project, MGAC is currently delivering another 40,000 SF facility for the financial institution.


3,500 SF




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