Fannie Mae

Various Locations

Fannie Mae plays a crucial role in the operation of the US economy and provides liquidity to world capital markets through its mortgage-backed securities offerings. Since 2001, MGAC has partnered with Fannie Mae’s Corporate Real Estate, Facilities, Services, and Resiliency Offices to support the development and execution of their real estate. What began as a single project is now a nationwide program advisory contract incorporating owned and leased property in the Washington, DC metro area, as well as Pasadena, CA; Chicago; Philadelphia; and Atlanta.

MGAC has delivered a variety of new development, renovation, infrastructure upgrades, and general capital improvements in every Fannie Mae location. These projects span from “Move, Add, Change” furniture projects to full floor renovations, elevator refurbishments, data center upgrades, and new office buildings.

The current Capital Program includes a team of dedicated MGAC team members providing “all aspects of project management required to develop the facilities capital plan, including business case development, space planning, building assessment, and relocation management associated with renovation and new construction projects across the Fannie Mae portfolio. Over the past 16 years, this partnership has resulted in the successful delivery of over 2M SF of office, conference, and mission critical facilities, including their primary data center facilities, executive offices, and boardroom.

Credit : Ballog
Credit : Ballog
Credit : Ballog


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