Episcopal High School

Alexandria, VA

For over 175 years, Episcopal High School has provided students with a diverse educational experience focused on preparing young people to lead “principled lives of leadership and service to others.” Students from across the country and around the world join 90% of faculty to live on campus throughout the academic year, resulting in the “one community” culture that defines the EHS experience. At the core of campus life is, of course, the campus – 140 acres of academic, residential, administrative, and amenity buildings that have been upgraded and supplemented over the past decade as the school continues investing in the realization of its long-term campus master plan.

MGAC managed the rehabilitation of a key component of this plan – turning an existing, historic gymnasium into a new student center at the heart of the campus. The renovated building provides modern academic, administrative, and interaction space as the main student center. The project required extensive building system replacements and new accessible entrance modifications, while preserving the historic elements and details of the building originally built in 1913. New internal structural modifications and complex shoring of the masonry load-bearing walls created some difficult – though solvable – challenges for the team along the way.

Following the completion of the new student center, Episcopal High School asked us to expand our services to assist with projects across the campus, including building envelope investigations and other repair projects for additional existing structures. All projects rely on our guidance to ensure a safe separation of construction activities from campus life – allowing EHS to invest in their campus while continuing to support the student body it serves.


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