Defense Microelectronics Activity (DMEA)

Sacramento, CA

The Defense Microelectronics Activity (DMEA) is a critical national defense laboratory composed of highly specialized engineering and cleanroom facilities. Due to an expansion of its mission, DMEA requested that the GSA initiate a lease action to acquire 32,775 RSF of additional space. Approximately 20,000 SF is dedicated to specialized high-bay lab space to accommodate an ISO 3 cleanroom. The remaining area is standard office space to support the adjacent lab space.

MGAC provided leasing assistance to DMEA, and acted as the interface with GSA by writing leasing strategy guidelines, the Program of Requirements (POR), and additional security criteria. MGAC participated in the proposal evaluations from prospective lessors, and assisted in design coordination, utility relocation, site remediation, and construction efforts.

MGAC’s initial challenge for DMEA was to research and write a white paper supporting DMEA’s need to limit the delineated area for the location of new space. Typically, the GSA process requires that user agencies consider a broad area in order to maximize the number of offers received and provide the agency a range of quality and price options. DMEA knew that remote locations would not be feasible. The nature of their mission requires that all operations be proximate.

With MGAC’s guidance, DMEA was able to procure new space next-door by justifying their need for using “Other Than Full and Open Competition” and then assisting DMEA and GSA throughout the lease process to minimize cost. A newly constructed facility with a covered connection to the existing facility allowed for the proper transportation and protection of materials and staff.


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