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Confidential State Housing Authority, Confidential Location

MGAC is representing a confidential, non-profit, state housing development authority on a design-build project to expand its existing 220,000 SF headquarters facility. This MGAC led project will increase the footprint of the Owner’s existing building by approximately 130,000 SF, likely require a future renovation of its existing building and will also build a new parking structure which will accommodate 750 vehicles. Currently, the Owner’s employees are carrying out the organization’s mission of helping the citizens of the state attain quality, affordable housing, from multiple venues. Consolidating all of the organizations stakeholders into a newly constructed building expansion, however, will not only bring all of the employees together under one roof, it will also allow them to more easily engage with their local government partners, community service organizations, lenders, realtors, developers and their customers in the community.

MGAC’s role as the Owners Representative is a multi-year assignment, which current work is to guide the pre-design, programming and basis of design feasibility study to define the project, prior to a public competitive process to select a Design-Builder. MGAC will manage the procurement, contract negotiations and day-to-day activities of the full design, permitting, construction and close-out process. MGAC is utilizing many in-house services for this assignment, to plan for furniture program, technology upgrades and cost estimating. In order to streamline the startup feasibility study, MGAC has hired a team of due diligence vendors and design consultants. This expedited process has allowed the project team to very quickly gain a cohesive understanding of the property being expanded, and has also allowed the Owner to easily uncover and explore important global ideas, goals and strategies, and to develop decision criteria that will guide the design of their new facility.


Confidential State Housing Authority


Confidential Location


350,000 SF


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