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Confidential Embassy

Washington, DC

For over 8 years, MGAC managed the competitive bidding, design, and construction of this foreign Embassy’s building projects. Sample projects include the renovation of a commercial kitchen, the renovation of the Ambassador’s 90-year old residence, improvements to perimeter security, and a strategic plan to upgrade the 30-year old mechanical system.

The kitchen renovation included upgrades to better accommodate frequent catering demands and daily domestic needs. Renovation of the Ambassador’s residence included window replacement, plumbing upgrades, conversion of storage space into a service restroom, plaster restoration, and repainting of common areas. During the perimeter security project, MGAC conducted detailed research into Washington, DC’s guidelines for public space, which facilitated the complex approvals process and kept the project on schedule. The strategic plan to renovate the mechanical system addressed existing system deficiencies, energy savings, and sustainability issues while ensuring the Embassy maintained ongoing operations.

Following the success of these projects, the Embassy retained MGAC to coordinate improvement projects for its Consulate General in San Francisco.


40,000 SF


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