Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) Headquarters

Falls Church, VA

When appointed as the new CEO of CSC, Mike Lawrie brought with him a passion for revitalizing complex global organizations. True to his reputation, the company immediately began exploring new ways to transform their workplace, improve efficiencies, and continue supporting the technological innovation that’s been the hallmark of the organization for the past fifty years. A large part of these efforts involved making changes to their existing real estate portfolio to create a more agile and modern work environment for its 66,000+ global employees.

We were initially brought on as a private third-party project management resource to run key projects on behalf of CSC’s Global Real Estate and Facility Management leadership. But when a national real estate service provider who was overseeing the company’s headquarters consolidation and renovation project needed support, CSC looked to us. True to their new CEO’s vision, the goal of this project was to lower CSC’s operating costs and create an environment for positive change by consolidating all Falls Church, VA employees into a single-owned headquarters facility. Working as owner’s representatives, we developed and oversaw the project schedule, budget, design, construction, procurement, and relocation efforts from a 100,000 SF leased space to the company’s 42,000 SF modernized headquarters – resulting in savings of $4 million annually in the process.

Since that time, we have expanded our relationship with CSC as a strategic partner on their most important projects, providing turnkey services on a variety of additional real estate initiatives at the headquarters and other key CSC sites within their North American portfolio. By delivering a work environment that actively contributes to the bottom line, we’ve helped CSC continue the legacy of innovative technology solutions and service that’s earned them a consistent spot as an industry leader on the Fortune 500 list.


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