Bulgari Resort Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Bulgari Resort sits on it’s very own treasure island, Jumeira Bay, connected to Downtown Dubai via a 300m bridge. Unlike the skyscraper downtown hotels, this luxury resort is only four-stories making it unique and far more personal. MGAC managed the completion, turnover, and quality control of brand standards for this five-star shoreline property. The project includes multiple residential buildings surrounding a newly constructed luxury yacht marina. Individual units were frequently combined to form large, single floor residences of up to 1,500 square meters. This created unique security challenges for the high profile owners as well as conforming construction quality to the exact standards of the luxury Italian brand. MGAC successfully moderated between the local construction culture and the extraordinarily high quality requirements of the brand to deliver this hotel and residential complex to achieve top honors internationally for this project.


101 Guestrooms & Suites




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