BBC, Tea Factory

Birmingham, England

Project Summary

This multi million-pound transformation in Birmingham will deliver a 84,000 ft² purpose-built broadcast centre for the BBC. The 1920s complex will undergo a partial demolition and regeneration to later house a range of editorial teams, including the Asian Network, Newsbeat, Radio WM, and Midlands Today.

MGAC's Role

MGAC is providing cost management and health + safety services to this project. While working with the design and professional team to manage a flexible budget, we keep the client abreast of any changes. We also carry out assessments and guidance to keep all parties safe and well.

Success Factors

Our experience with adding new materials to heritage buildings helps us balance cost alongside the design team’s objectives (See Eighty Strand, London). With 130+ years in the industry backed up by strong knowledge of contemporary health + safety requirements, we are confident in keeping everyone safe on the job.


Significant embodied carbon savings will be made by converting the existing building instead of creating something new. The aim is to deliver one of Birmingham’s first net-zero carbon buildings. projects. The building will be gas-free, with 750 m² of solar panels, air source heat pumps, rainwater recycling facilities for WCs, 16 electric vehicle charging points, and a brown roof, in the interest of local ecology.