ANN Inc.

Various Locations

ANN Inc initially engaged MGAC to help streamline the construction and furnishing procurement processes for their US portfolio. Our responsibilities included the rebranding and renovation of existing stores to better connect with customers, as well as the construction of new flagship and pop-up stores. Over a two year engagement, we delivered 102 locations across 28 states.

To more accurately predict the cost of new stores, our staff created an automated database that draws on past store data and location-specific variables to provide a comprehensive and accurate estimate of construction costs. This increasingly efficient cost modeling process led to the virtual elimination of “problem stores.”

We also simplified the client’s procurement process through a single Master Services Agreement, which streamlined the agreements, contracts, and purchase orders for proprietary materials and architecture, construction, and installation services. This centralized, turnkey approach to purchasing saved the client money and manpower, and reduced tax filings and accounting transactions.


102 Locations;
28 States




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