200 Occidental Office Space

Seattle, WA

The contemporary design of this award-winning building located in Pioneer Square combines street level retail and seven floors of A+ office space; the design honors the neighborhood’s historical character, while presenting a modern, deeply green interpretation that celebrates the adjacent park. MGAC’s involvement began at the outset of the project concept, supporting the sustainability objectives of the developer, Urban Visions. MGAC worked to propose and procure revisions to the Seattle zoning code to allow rooftop photovoltaic power generating panels, as well as other sustainable design concepts, including the double glass wall system on the primary facade. The project celebrates sustainable design with its large rooftop solar array, hidden on the penthouse structure, green roof, and operable windows for mixed mode ventilation. The high-performance glass curtain wall provides sun shading and a reflective backdrop to Occidental Park. To date, 200 Occidental is the only institutional office building in Seattle to achieve LEED Platinum Core and Shell certification.


216,000 SF




LEED Platinum Core and Shell

Credit : Kevin Scott
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