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Foundation for Measuring Project Performance and Success

We help you plan, develop, manage, and execute the schedule throughout the project lifecycle to ensure a successful project delivery.

Project schedules are the foundation for measuring project performance and success. To accommodate their dynamic nature, our team assures schedule accuracy early in the project process — before shovels ever hit the ground — to allow for informed decision-making at every stage of delivery. Our schedule management experts develop baseline schedules from the jump with special care to note any potential deviations. We know that schedule management doesn't happen in a vacuum, and members of our schedule management team work closely with — and speak the language of — project managers. This essential on-the-ground experience ensures any potential hurdle, big or small, is seen from a mile away.

Our approach to schedule management is dynamic and hands-on every step of the way. We bolster our expertise with the best technology in the industry to constantly and meticulously measure and analyze possible schedule impacts. No detail is too small, and every moment matters. We are proactive in every aspect of the job and are always prepared to advise on and put into motion the appropriate actions necessary to recover or accelerate any variance in real-time. Communication is key in our work, and we ensure every key member of the project team is kept up-to-speed, always.

Detailed Services

  • Preconstruction:  
  • Project Master Schedule  
  • Construction Staging Schedule  
  • Construction:  
  • Baseline Schedule Review and Acceptance  
  • Monthly Schedule Report  
  • Delay Analysis:  
  • Monitor Potential Delays Events  
  • Conduct Schedule Forensic and Delay Analysis  
  • Preparation of Extension of Time (EoT) Claim Response 

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