Development Management

The ability to impact success and enhance value is greatest at the early stages of project inception

MGAC provides our services as an independent Development Management Team or we also many times are embedded into a fully integrated internal client development team; we are flexible and adept at whatever the best structure is for the needs of the project.

The culmination of our experiences and perspectives is the foundation and proof of concept for establishing Development Management Services to better serve all aspects of our clients’ needs.

The benefit of our Development Management Services is rooted in bridging the gap in the traditional value chain. From pre-investment stages through construction, completion, occupancy and the transition to operations, MGAC has the expertise to bridge the gap and provide continuity across all stages of development.

In our experience, the time lapse between financial modeling and approval, and then actual commencement of design and construction is vulnerable and most likely to be the weak link. MGAC’s Development Management Services are the bridge that secures the most vulnerable stages of the value chain. We maintain and update the models and provide constant forecasting of the market, projected capital expenditures and time impact schedule scenarios to bridge the vulnerability and build resiliency into the process.

Our experience covers all aspects of development and the delivery process. We have a unique and unusual perspective to making projects a success—having gained the trust of our clients—that provides a window into their investments, developments, partnerships, and business strategies in order to represent their financial interests, tenants and owners.

The pre-investment stage of any project is the most critical phase, determining its propensity for success. Financing and approval for the development project to move forward into entitlements, design, and construction is where the die is cast.

Detailed Services

  • Pre-Investment  
  •   • Site Selection and Due Diligence
  •   • Land Acquisition
  •   • Market Assessment
  •   • Feasibility and Proforma
  •   • Entitlements
  •   • Align Delivery Strategy with Financing Strategy
  •   • Private Placement
  •   • Investment Placement and Investor Reporting
  •   • Delivery Strategy
  •   • Benchmarking and Stress Testing
  •   • Risk Assessment
  • Planning and Design  
  •   • Procurement of Planning and Design Services
  •   • Functional Program Verification
  •   • Cost and Schedule Controls, Estimating, Risk Analysis
  •   • Consultant Contract Management
  • Construction  
  •   • Execution Strategy
  •   • RFP Package Writing and Procurement
  •   • Contractor Procurement
  •   • Contractor Contract Management
  •   • Change Management
  •   • Client and Investor Reporting
  •   • Project Controls
  •   • Commissioning, Testing, Inspection
  •   • Operations and Maintenance Strategy
  •   • Close-Out and Transition to Operations
  • Tenant Improvements  
  •   • Scope Review
  •   • Test Fits
  •   • Sequencing and Logistics
  •   • Budget and Schedule Development
  •   • Work Letter Review
  •   • Building Standards
  •   • Security

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