Sectors / Life Sciences
Crafting the laboratories of tomorrow, today.

There is one constant in the life sciences space: change. As new needs arise and research evolves and advances, so too must the facilities where breakthroughs are made. The MGAC team has invaluable and extensive technical experience working on large-scale laboratory building projects. We have helped existing facilities modernize to world-class standards, and we have brought to life some of the most innovative laboratory settings in existence with ground-up builds.

Laboratory and cleanroom projects present thousands of intricate details. Protocols must be followed, and materials must be treated with the highest level of care. Decisions must be made that could shape someone’s life’s work, advance the field, and even impact outcomes and lives for years to come. Our team will manage each decision in a way that is informed by your budget, schedule, design principles, and mission. With a range of experience in biotechnology and research laboratory projects, we have developed a unique approach to completing specialty laboratory projects with complex requirements to create flexible environments that accommodate evolving research needs.

With the future of the field on the line, MGAC knows these projects require the most discerning attention to detail.


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