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Strategically enhancing the guest experience to create brand loyalty.

The hospitality industry is in a constant state of competitive flux. Between new brands, steadfast flagships, and home share programs, it has never been more imperative to stay in front of all possible patrons. MGAC can help you maintain relevance in this ever-changing landscape. Our team has managed hundreds of hotel renovations, rebrands, and new builds over the past ten years. Whether you are building something new or seeking to improve an existing property, we will deliver your vision for a sustainable and successful future.

Inherent challenges accompany changes in ownership, and we understand how daunting it can be to update, remodel, and rebrand a property. We are here to support you as you breathe new life into an existing property. Our decades of experience will aid us in helping to manage your schedules, budgets, and competing agendas, all while minimizing disruptions to your guest experiences.

Building a new property is endlessly exciting—and accompanied by an endless to-do list. From risk assessment and site selection to infrastructure and permitting, our dedicated hospitality experts understand that the difference is in the details. We work to ensure that each part of the process receives the necessary attention without losing sight of the larger strategic vision.

MGAC has managed 20,000+ guestrooms and delivered more than 100 hotel renovations, rebrands, and new builds over the past five years alone.


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