Sectors / Education
Delivering inspiring environments for academic excellence.

Schools and educational facilities are responsible for the growth and development of our future workers and leaders. They serve as the cornerstone of communities and the launchpad for progress and innovation. To be successful, these institutions must inspire and protect their students while engaging and impacting the communities of which they are a part. That is where MGAC comes in.

As project managers and trusted advisors for public and private institutions across the world, we understand the importance of student safety, financial support, and project timing. Our team has experience with projects of all shapes and sizes, from completing the restoration of historic academic buildings into sustainable modern facilities to breaking ground on new, cutting-edge facilities. The MGAC team has helped multitudes of educational clients save money, improve academic achievement and accessibility, and boost recruitment, creating sustainable campus cultures now and in perpetuity.

For decades, we have worked with all levels of educational institutions–from local grade schools to the Ivy League.


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