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Redefining workspaces to inspire innovation, spark creativity, and attract the very best talent.

Corporate buildings can serve as a flagship for a brand, a first impression, a space for team growth and opportunity, and a material representation of company values. Whether operating under the aim to scale alongside a growing team, to meet the moment with a modernized space that attracts the very best talent, or to push the envelope with sustainable, forward-looking innovations, corporate building projects all share the same goal. Each space needs to hit every mark and be fully operational as quickly and efficiently as possible.

From overseeing design teams and procuring furniture to managing around-the-clock relocations and complex schedules, the MGAC team has experience helping corporations across the world meet their most ambitious building goals without missing a beat. We have worked with some of the biggest household names across every major industry and, several decades and millions of square feet later, have never left an ask unanswered.

MGAC delivered the first Net-Zero office renovation in Washington, DC.


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