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Government facilities are so much more than brick and mortar. They allow for entire cities, states, providences, and even nations to run. Long-lasting functionality is non-negotiable, security is key, and flexibility is essential. MGAC has worked across the globe alongside an array of national and international government organizations to ensure these spaces are as sustainable, economically efficient, and able to serve their communities in the best way possible. From real estate asset evaluation, space rationalization, and consolidation strategies to working with complex design teams to produce flexible, secure, and sustainable workplaces, we have helped governmental organizations assess and mitigate risk to ensure the best return on investment for taxpayer dollars, every time.

The successful completion of civic projects requires in-depth market knowledge and active collaboration with all stakeholders. Our experienced project managers know what it takes to deliver these projects on time and within budget, with the meticulous attention to detail expected by your community. MGAC understands that every penny, minute, and worry saved is better spent on those you serve, and our team builds every step of the process to guarantee the highest level of quality and function.

Since 1996, we have been committed to the development, restoration, and betterment of the cities in which we live and work.


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