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Culture / Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Diverse Perspectives, Shared Mission.

Mission Statement

MGAC believes in encouraging and fostering a workplace that celebrates, values, and drives a diverse and inclusive culture. We commit to bringing awareness, visibility, and a voice to our employees, clients, and our communities of differing backgrounds. Together, we can work towards better outcomes and making our missions real.

DEI Initiatives

MGAC’s DEI Initiatives are ever-evolving and our commitment to improving is steadfast. We acknowledge we have not yet achieved our fullest potential as a company, but are working towards our goal of creating a culture that positions people of all disciplines and backgrounds to succeed.

Firmwide Training

Keeping an informed employee base around DEI is important to us. Through Diversity & Inclusion and Anti-Discrimination training, our employees are taught what it means to be part of a diverse workforce and how our actions can make a difference.

Recruiting Efforts

Talent acquisition is one of the first places where change can have an impact. Emphasis is placed strongly on outreach programs to target underrepresented and minority populations to include, but not limited to, women, minorities, individuals with disabilities, and veterans.


Sharing and understanding our employees’ experiences helps unite us as a firm. “MGAC Inner Voices,” our podcast series, brings attention to the challenges our team members from historically marginalized groups face while working in the A/E/C industry.


Pronouns are a very personal self-identifier and using an individual’s preferred pronouns creates a more welcoming space for our colleagues within and beyond MGAC. Employees are given the opportunity to self-identify their pronouns in our email signatures.

Diversity Calendar

Knowledge of significant holidays and events around the world, and their importance to our colleagues creates empathy and a space for appreciation. To ensure this information is easily accessible to our employees, MGAC creates a firmwide monthly calendar capturing all the details and personal stories.

Book Club

DEI themes are brought to life through reading, allowing us to walk in another person’s shoes. MGAC hosts a monthly book club centered around DEI where our employees can connect, discuss thought-provoking ideas, and learn from one another’s belief systems and experiences.

Student A/E/C Outreach

Exposure to a variety of professions enables young people to aspire and dream of their futures. Engaging with various underrepresented populations educates students on the A/E/C industry and the career opportunities available to them.

Women in Construction

Creating a place to network, gain inspiration, and confidence to “lean in” to an industry that is male-driven is paramount. We focus on advancing professional opportunities to women in the A/E/C industry.

Lunch and Learn Programs

A thought challenged is a thought worth discussing. Lunch and Learn sessions are designed to support DEI professional development, discussions on social issues, guest speakers, and more!

DEI Podcast

MGAC Inner Voices: Episode 11

Bryan Gamez (MGAC Assistant Project Manager, Los Angeles) talks with Isabella Villegas (MGAC Senior Vice President, Toronto) about her experience as a fair-skinned Mexican woman, how socio-economic status growing up impacted her work ethic, and the importance of getting feedback from all levels of an organization.

DEI Podcast

MGAC Inner Voices: Episode 10

Beth Scully (MGAC Senior Project Manager, Seattle) talks with Jacqualynn Karsten (MGAC Senior Project Manager, Seattle) about how to avoid imposter syndrome and the empowerment in using your voice to stand up for what matters.

DEI Podcast

MGAC Inner Voices: Episode 9

Bryan Gamez (MGAC Assistant Project Manager, Los Angeles) talks with Maxwell Williams (MGAC Assistant Project Manager, San Francisco) to discuss Max’s unique upbringing, his formative experience on a mini job site, and the importance of professional outreach to kids of all backgrounds.

DEI Podcast

MGAC Inner Voices: Episode 8

Beth Scully (MGAC Senior Project Manager, Seattle) talks with Amanda Goldsmith (MGAC Vice President, Washington, DC) about her early career transition from an administrative role to project management and the importance of speaking up for underrepresented groups, including religious minorities and women in construction.

DEI Podcast

MGAC Inner Voices: Episode 7

Bryan Gamez (MGAC Assistant Project Manager, Los Angeles) talks with Suling Pong (MGAC Senior Manager of Creative Services, Los Angeles) to unpack ageism, female friendships and dynamics, and treatment of those in “support” functions of a firm.

DEI Podcast

MGAC Inner Voices: Episode 6

Beth Scully (MGAC Senior Project Manager, Seattle) sits down with Jason Bell (MGAC Senior Project Manager, DC) to talk about defying stereotypes before they take root, the onus of cultural education, and issues with the “race card.”

DEI Podcast

MGAC Inner Voices: Episode 5

Bryan Gamez (MGAC Assistant Project Manager, Los Angeles) sits down with Uzair Faruqui (MGAC Senior Project Manager, Los Angeles) to discuss the importance of representation in the built environment, normalizing hard conversations, and making space for all voices to be heard.

DEI Podcast

MGAC Inner Voices: Episode 3

Bryan Gamez (MGAC Assistant Project Manager, Los Angeles) sits down with Jayson Lacno-Musngi (MGAC Cost Consultant, Los Angeles) on being a first-generation American, job site mannerisms, and the importance of a diverse workforce.

DEI Podcast

MGAC Inner Voices: Episode 2

Bryan Gamez (MGAC Assistant Project Manager, Los Angeles) talks with Yanet Martinez (MGAC Assistant Project Manager, Los Angeles) about cultural adaptation, how one’s upbringing can influence work ethic, and the importance of mindfulness and communication.

DEI Podcast

MGAC Inner Voices: Episode 1

In our first episode, Bryan Gamez (MGAC Assistant Project Manager, Los Angeles) sits down with Brandey McDonald (MGAC Project Manager, Washington DC) to discuss various DEI topics and the importance on being your authentic self, unapologetically.

MGAC Workforce Demographics

This data is reflective as of April 2021.



The Industry Average


Senior Management

Minority Makeup








MGAC’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee is a group of diverse staff members who meet monthly to strategize initiatives for internal and external activities that increase company awareness around DEI issues in the workplace.

Dane Bralich

Dane Bralich

Meagan Broyles

Meagan Broyles

Stephanie Cramer

Stephanie Cramer

Bryan Gamez

Bryan Gamez

Amanda Goldsmith

Amanda Goldsmith

Sarafina Huck

Sarafina Huck

Lisa Kline

Hannah Mars

Vince McLaughlin

Vince Mclaughlin

Yusuf Newland

Yusuf Newland

Amanda Randolph

Beth Scully

Beth Scully

True growth occurs when we bring different voices together. Are we 'there yet?' No. I don’t think anyone is, but we are committed to holding up a mirror, seeing where we need to change, and putting action to the plan.

Mark Anderson, President

MGAC is working hard to make changes within the company by educating employees and giving them opportunities to make a difference by joining a variety of diversity activities / groups. Also, MGAC is working to reach beyond our own employees and make a difference in our community and our field of work.

Assistant Project Manager at MGAC

MGAC hires a diverse group of people and the clients we work with are from a diverse background. The culture does not allow acts of seclusion.

Project Manager at MGAC

From the top down; MGAC’s Founder and President expresses and champions diversity and inclusiveness in the market, in front of clients, in candidate interviews, and in staff interactions. It is a known and respected core value of MGAC.

Senior Vice President at MGAC


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