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The Devil is in the Details: How to Stay on Top of Project Management with Proactive Schedule Management

As project managers, the mantra is always to deliver on time and on budget. It sounds simple, but there are a lot of potential obstacles. At MGAC, we know schedule management is essential to our ability to make missions possible. Anything can happen on a construction project, these five techniques will help keep your project on track.

Things Happen

While much of the schedule is forecasted before the shovels ever hit the ground, schedule management requires a dynamic approach and constant benchmarking and revisions. All projects will have minor hiccups along the way and accounting for those hiccups in the schedule to ensure that these small problems do not become larger ones. ‘Tomorrow’ is often the busiest day of the week and the domino effect of any delay is a very real risk that must be accounted for in this line of work.

Schedules Don’t Exist in a Vacuum

The best schedule managers come to the job with a background in project management (PM) work. Schedule managers must “speak the language” of PMs, be familiar with common project delays, and know how to best rectify those delays. That kind of big-picture understanding and the know-how required to spot a potential mountain in a sea of molehills only comes with on-the-ground experience.

Know your Tools

Pen and paper scheduling is definitely a thing of the past. Today, schedule managers are fortunate to have strong software solutions that allow for real-time updates, team collaboration and accessibility everywhere — even on the job site. The right tool can help with everything from document management to tracking the lifecycle of the project. Choose wisely!

Sharing is Caring

Schedule management requires staying in constant communication everyone involved in a construction project – the construction firm, the architects, the client and important stakeholders. Schedule management requires keeping these groups in the loop and, more importantly, held accountable.

No Detail is Too Small

With large budgets, multiple parties, and at times, the threat of legal action it’s vital that schedule managers never miss a beat when it comes to staying on top of the schedule. It is a serious job that requires full focus and attention to detail to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

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