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Uzair Faruqui

Project Manager

“What I love most about the construction industry is seeing something develop physically as a result of a team’s effort.”

With a Civil and Structural Engineering degree from University of Southern California, I started my career with a General Contractor, which has given me a unique perspective and understanding of projects from the designer and contractor sides. My technical background allows me to interpret and explain complex systems and processes to our clients in a digestible and actionable level.

I specialize in managing the design and construction process for both renovations and new ground-up structures. My early exposure to diverse clients, contractors, and projects has provided me with insight into project processes, giving me the ability to adapt quickly and effectively to ever-changing needs and demands.

I draw inspiration from my parents who came to the US in the late seventies, leaving behind an entire life in Pakistan. By working hard and working smart, they were able to create a fruitful life for our family in the US. When I’m not working or spending time with my family, you’ll find me at the beach in Santa Monica or in the mountains enjoying nature.


  • Project Management


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