Project: Long Beach Civic Center, Long Beach, CA

What if you could revitalize an entire city?

In response to seismic issues with the old City Hall, The City of Long Beach sought to develop a new Long Beach Civic Center and revitalize the City’s entire downtown area. The multi-faceted, $533 million project will include the new 11-story Long Beach City Hall, complete with a 250-seat council chamber, service counters, and departmental office space for government employees. The effort will also address the adjacent Lincoln Park, including plans for a children’s play area, dog park, and outdoor event space, as well as a new library on the north end of the park. A parking structure with over 1,000 spaces will service the entire complex, which is targeting completion in 2020.

With such an ambitious public project, it is essential that the capital expenditure piece of the equation is reasonable and consistent with other built projects of similar type and function. We were engaged to work as part of an integrated team to evaluate and deliver a Public-Private Partnership (P3) approach for the project – representing the owner, protecting their interests, and ensuring best value throughout all phases of the project. We developed capital budgets, reviewed capital cost and life-cycle cost analysis of submissions, and assisted in the development of risk and contingency management strategies – including the establishment, management, and ownership of appropriate cost and schedule contingency levels.

During the Exclusive Negotiation Agreement, we established the required format for capital expenditure information provided by developers to ensure the level of detail is sufficient for a thorough analysis of cost and worked to understand the elements and extent of risk in each proposal. We also reviewed contract language within the financial proposal to assess the allocation of risk and financial responsibility between the owner and developer.

As this project continues to take shape, our benchmark analysis provides the City with extensive comparative data and frames the expected cost range for each element of the project – allowing for comparative analysis between submitted prices and our independent cost opinion. This knowledge has helped reduce negotiation periods and allowed the City to make financial decisions with confidence as they invest in creating a vibrant, safe, and financially strong city center.

Credit: PECP - Plenary, Edgemoor, Clark, and SOM

Credit: PECP - Plenary, Edgemoor, Clark, and SOM

Credit: PECP - Plenary, Edgemoor, Clark, and SOM


Long Beach Civic Center


Long Beach, CA


City Hall: 268,000 SF Lincoln Park: 209,000 SF Library: 93,000 SF Parking Structure: 231,615 SF


Targeting LEED Platinum


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