Project: Eaton Corporation, Louisville, KY

What if you needed to fast-track your strategic infrastructure upgrade?

As one of the leading power management companies in the world, Eaton prides itself on providing energy-efficient solutions that help clients manage their power needs more efficiently, safely, and sustainably. In 2008 when the company sought to modernize their IT infrastructure, they did so with those same three goals in mind. The resulting approach – including synchronous prime data centers with an out-of-market disaster recovery facility – aimed to support a long-term IT operations strategy that met the company’s current requirements while providing them with maximum flexibility to support future growth.

MGAC was engaged early in the program to help evaluate various facility configurations that could support the long-term IT objectives – with a specific focus on identifying critical applications. We worked directly with Eaton’s corporate IT management staff to understand how these applications should be run within the data center configuration and replicated back to the out-of-region disaster recovery facility. Our findings were translated into an Owner Program Requirements (OPR) document that outlined the IT operational and load requirements for the physical data centers.

With the IT strategy and budget aligned, we then created a delivery model that allowed Eaton the highest level of financial governance, review, and approval throughout the project – one of the largest capital projects in the company’s history. This model included a three-month staggered approach to the construction of the two facilities to allow for the transfer of lessons learned from the first to the second – saving both time and money during the aggressive, overlapping 11-month construction and Level 5 commissioning schedules. Managing every step of this “design once, build twice” strategy, we employed a detailed procurement and sourcing plan to support each facility, and developed a QA/QC process to ensure details between the identical sites remained the same.

The resulting twin LEED Gold facilities now serve as a showcase for Eaton’s product lines and stand as two of the first data centers in North America to incorporate a 400-volt design, as well as other cutting-edge controls and monitoring technologies. Each single-story facility is highly scalable, totaling roughly 100,00 SF with 20,000 SF of raised floor apiece – achieving Eaton’s goal of accommodating future flexible expansion of the IT space and associated infrastructure in an efficient, safe, and sustainable way.


Eaton Corporation


Louisville, KY




Project Management




Finalist, Innovation in the Medium-Data Center, North American Awards 2013, Datacenter Dynamics

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Kenn Stipcak

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