Project: Defense Microelectronics Activity, Sacramento, CA

What if you needed to expand your space in order to take on a new mission?

Technology in the private market is advancing at a record pace. Unfortunately, the U.S. government doesn’t always have the luxury to immediately capitalize on those advancements – committed to systems investments that have long been improved upon or abandoned by the private market. That’s where the Defense Microelectronics Activity (DMEA) comes in. Originally founded in 1981 to support the U.S. Air Force, the DMEA has evolved into a highly specialized group of engineers and facilities charged with providing microelectronic components and assemblies for the Department of Defense’s legacy systems. Due to an expansion of this mission, DMEA found itself in need of 32,775 RSF of additional laboratory, manufacturing, and office space to supplement its Sacramento, CA headquarters.

After submitting their request to the General Services Administration (GSA), DMEA needed to make the case for limiting the agency’s real estate search to stay within a certain proximity of their existing building. We helped them make this argument – and conducted the research necessary for GSA to justify using an “Other Than Full and Open Competition” approach. With our guidance, DMEA was able to secure space immediately next door and construct a new covered connection between the two facilities that provided proper transportation and protection of their materials and staff – all while minimizing the cost implications of this atypical real estate transaction.

As owner’s representatives, we acted as DMEA’s liaison with GSA – crafting leasing strategy guidelines, coordinating design and construction efforts, managing utility relocation and site remediation, and assisting in the adaptation of GSA lease security specifications to meet the organization’s specific needs and requirements. The result was a secure, connected, and highly specialized laboratory, ISO 3 cleanroom, and office facility that allows DMEA to take on its expanded mission – supporting the vital systems that help keep our country safe and secure.


Defense Microelectronics Activity


Sacramento, CA


33,000 SF


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