Project: Chop't Creative Salad Company, Multiple Locations

What if you wanted to fix fast food?

When Tony Shure and Colin McCabe founded Chop’t, they did so with one goal: “to build a force of good and undo what fast food broke.” Their fresh, local approach got its start in New York City, and quickly gained a following of loyal patrons seeking a healthier food option. When it came time to expand their business to the Washington, DC market, Chop’t needed an experienced hand to guide the process – and true to their mission, they sourced locally.

Chop’t selected us as their owner’s representatives to help them successfully roll out their emerging retail restaurant concept in the greater DC area – from vetting prospective store locations and negotiating favorable lease terms, to securing permits and approvals and managing the design and construction process. We also supported the integration of the company’s custom equipment seamlessly into each store’s unique layout. Through the on-time and on-budget delivery of their first locations, we helped Chop’t make their mark on Washington, DC – and further their mission of improving the fast food landscape one salad at a time.

Photo Credit: Kochfoto

Photo Credit: Kochfoto

Photo Credit: Kochfoto

Photo Credit: Kochfoto


Chop't Creative Salad Company


Multiple Locations


1,800-2,000 SF

01 our team

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Bruce Bieber
Bruce Bieber

Vice President

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