Project: Catholic University of America Earthquake Renovations, Washington, DC

What if your historic campus was struck by an uncommon natural disaster?

On a sunny August afternoon in 2011, residents of Washington, DC were rocked by a 5.8 magnitude earthquake. And while the surprise of the event left many shaken, the majority of the damage belonged to some of the city’s most iconic buildings – including the National Cathedral, the Washington Monument, the Capitol Building, and numerous buildings across Catholic University of America’s (CUA) historic campus.

CUA tasked us with assessing the earthquake’s impact and negotiating the insurance claims related to the 24 masonry buildings that suffered widespread structural damage. After determining the cost to repair and renovate the buildings, the insurance company offered a claim that only covered a portion of the projected costs. Following our negotiation, they increased the claim significantly – providing the University with the resources they needed to make necessary repairs across the campus. Through careful planning and coordination, we also led the effort to restore CUA’s historic structures, helping them continue serving their student population without interruption to the academic year.


Catholic University of America Earthquake Renovations


Washington, DC




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