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The hospitality industry is in a state of highly competitive flux. Between the introduction of new brands from familiar flags and the threat of disruptors like Airbnb, the changing cast of competitors challenges owners to stay relevant. That’s where we come in. Whether you’re building something new or seeking to improve an existing property for future performance, we help you deliver on your vision.

The more than $1B of hotel renovations, rebrands, and new builds we’ve managed over the past five years prove the added value we bring to this challenging and competitive industry. We know the keys to success, how to manage risks, and how to avoid pitfalls and surprises. Most importantly, we know how to get it right the first time to save you time and money.

The more than $1B of hotel renovations, rebrands, and new builds we’ve managed and 17,000+ guestrooms we've delivered over the past five years prove the added value we bring to this challenging and competitive industry.


We understand the inherent challenges in changes of ownership, and how daunting updating, upgrading, and rebranding a property can be. We've been there before, and bring decades of experience to managing schedule, budget, and competing agendas while breathing new life into an existing property — all while minimizing disruptions to the guest experience.

New Construction

Building a property from the ground up brings with it a seemingly endless to-do list — from risk assessment and site selection to infrastructure and permitting. Our dedicated experts know that in the hospitality industry, the difference is in the details — and we make sure every one receives the attention it deserves without losing sight of the larger strategic vision.

“Expertise of the industry and construction is critical to us. So are management, people, and relationship skills. Whoever we work with needs to have the same passion for doing something that is high quality and unique. A commitment to seeing the owners’ vision all the way through without compromise. MGAC has been all of those qualities and more.”

- Prem Devadas, President, Salamander Hotels & Resorts

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What drives us? A sense of ownership and personal engagement on behalf of our clients. What we do isn’t a nine-to-five job, and the success of every project is incredibly personal. We believe this kind of commitment can’t be taught – it’s inherent in people or not. That’s why we handpick the most committed, skilled, and experienced experts we can find, because we understand how much is at stake for our clients.

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Construction Procurement Strategy

Construction Management

FF&E Procurement & Oversight

Relocation Management

Technology Planning & Integration

Commissioning & Occupancy Strategy

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We make it our practice to see the world through our clients' eyes – that's why we work to help non-profits operate efficiently, maintain a sustainable fiscal strategy, mitigate risk, and seek cost-savings wherever possible.


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