What if you loved your job?

You can. You should.

It’s possible to work for a company that embraces your experiences, accomplishments, skills, and personality.

A place where you can work alongside smart, devoted people who help bring some of the world’s most ambitious, inspiring, and challenging visions to life.

Imagine having a role in projects as diverse and amazing as world-renowned museums, luxury hotels, leading universities, corporate headquarters, and mission critical data centers.

The kind of work that can start from the ground up, that’s tangible, real, and endures.

At MGAC, you’ll have the chance to dive in and learn things you never imagined, build relationships with people from all walks of life, and build a career you love.

Are you in?

Our Fundamentals

What if we held ourselves to a higher standard?

We operate by a few essential principles that guide everything we do. Get to know MGAC.



We do what we do not just for the thrill of the challenge or the honor of earning enduring trust, but because what’s created is always more than bricks or mortar or glass – it’s idea, vision, and dream made real.



The work we do requires all the skills, heart, expertise, and humanity we’ve got. That’s why taking time to replenish and stay healthy is so important to us.

Vacation, Paid Holidays, & Sick Time

To us, it's simple: when we're at our best, we give our best to our clients. This philosophy is reflected across our generous leave policies - including a day off for your birthday.


Do great work and you'll be rewarded. We're proud to offer competitive salaries that are consistently above the industry average.

PPO-Level Health Insurance, Dental, & Vision

We’re committed to helping you and your family stay healthy – from head to toe – and um, teeth too.

401K Plan

We have a very active 401K plan, including discretionary profit sharing. Saving for retirement is important, and we want to help you do it.

Flexible Spending

Set aside pre-tax funds for both Dependent and Healthcare expenses, up to $5,000 a year per household for dependent care, and $2,550 for healthcare expenses.

Tuition Reimbursement

Want to earn an additional degree, or take a few classes? We’re with you – and we’ll cover the cost, too, up to the limits set by the IRS.

Life Insurance, Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance and Disability Insurance

As a full time team member, you’ll receive these coverages for free for up to twice your salary, up to $400,000.

Company Events

Around here, we make time for work and play - from office happy hours to Tough Mudders and our annual all-staff meeting. Because we believe relationship building makes for happier employees and stronger teams.

Employee Referral Program

Our best resource is our people, and we take their recommendations seriously. So much so that employees can earn up to $5,000 for bringing in new talent.

MGAC University

As project managers and owners' advocates, we’re responsible for thousands of intricate details and decisions – each with the potential to make or break a budget, a deadline, a vision, or a dream. Add to that our true passion for learning and collaboration, and it’s easy to see how MGAC University got its start.

To us, it’s not enough to simply hire the best and brightest, we want to feed and nurture your mind, so you can keep achieving, growing personally and professionally, and aspiring to greater and greater things. With MGAC University, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in everything from on-site classes, speakers, research, and interactive experiences to special events, training, and professional certification courses.

MGAC Internships

Hardworking, smart, curious college and graduate students ready to immerse themselves in the world of project management with some of the industry’s brightest minds – and the most delightful people – are invited to apply for internships across our array of disciplines.


Engaged. Informed. Social.


We are restless.

“For us, being the best workplace is about giving our employees the tools they need to get to the next level – and beyond. We offer an atmosphere that challenges everyone at MGAC to grow professionally, excel in their work, and give back to the communities where we live and work. We’re not about ping pong tables or bean bag chairs – we are a driven, boots-on-the-ground organization of entrepreneurially-minded people who are most fulfilled by helping our clients achieve their mission. Our philosophy is work hard, play hard, and impress always.”

Kate Germano

Director of Talent Acquisition and Management


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