MGAC presents at Interactive Museum Workshop in Hangzhou, China

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Kris Collins has developed and presented at numerous workshops intended to provide Owners with insight into their museum development or renovation projects. This past month, he was invited to “Ready-Aim-Build”, an interactive session by Sino-American Arts Administration and Public Education in Hangzhou, China.

The two-day workshop was hosted by the China Academy of Art and attended by SmithGroup JJR, Gallagher & Associates, and directors from six major Chinese museums. This meeting was a unique sharing of cultural insights into how to better develop and manage museum projects. China has become known for their process of hiring internationally recognized architects to develop drawings to Design Development (~50% complete), and then engaging local architects to complete the drawings and detailing through the Local Design Institute (LDI).

Following the workshop in Hangzhou, the team was welcomed at the LuXun Academy of Fine Arts. The Academy is moving from downtown Shenyang to a new campus and museum in the suburbs – designed by Mario Botta. The American team was treated to a behind the scenes visit of a major museum collection, including cultural artifacts and artwork up to 6,000 years old.

“I was humbled to be invited to take part in this workshop and to share my experiences with the museum community. It was an incredible opportunity to learn more about the rich Chinese culture, art, and history. Hearing from local museum directors gave me additional insight into how the development of museums are handled by government organizations external to these cultural institutions. It was fascinating to hear how they interact with their projects and the many complicated and unique challenges they face. For example, managing internal design teams and the language barriers for technical drawings. The Chinese directors were very interested in how Americans manage the design, planning, and operation of a new museum.” – Kris Collins, MGAC

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Katie is MGAC’s Senior Proposal Development Coordinator, leading the Brand + Culture Team in efforts related to social media and public relations.
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