About Us


Ever wonder what it would be like to work with a group of individuals who are smart and driven and funny? Who challenge you to be your best? Who take their lives and work seriously, but who never forget to laugh? 

At MGAC, where some of the world’s leading organizations come for execution of their most critical and personal project management needs, our clients take precedence. We serve as their eyes and ears, managing the details, mitigating risks, and delivering outstanding project results. And then we manage to consistently win the Washington Business Journal’s “Best Places to Work” award. 

So, what’s the secret? Yes, we work hard. But our work is for interesting clients on often complex and demanding projects, and we know that life is more than a single effort or moment. We remember to celebrate, to share, to help each other, to give our best, and to take pride in a job well done. And we never settle for less. 

At MGAC, our work ethic represents the quality that we seek to bring into our own lives. A course that brings deep satisfaction, but that keeps us hungry for more.

If all of that resonates with you and you think you may have what it takes – dedication, determination and a sense of humor – please reach out to us at careers@mgac.com to learn more about job openings. The future looks pretty amazing from here.

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